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At the time of becoming President, Barack Obama had made a clear call to youth: the change comes from below "Change comes from the Bottom Up".

Through his election, the world has witnessed the remarkable social impact of youth when it engages.

In Egypt, a simple rebellion against an authoritarian regime laid the foundation for an Arab Spring that shook the world. As George Bernanos has so aptly written, "it is the fever of youth that keeps the rest of the world at the normal temperature.When the youth is getting cold, the rest of the world is clapping its teeth."

For the first time in history, the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development explicitly commits countries to leave no one behind on the path to development.

A resolution that comes at a time when we know that the imbalance of the sex ratio is still present in many societies.

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Promotion of citizenship, academic excellence, languages and scientific subjects
Promoting youth entrepreneurship and digital inclusion
Optimizing the financing of education
Awareness of the risks of climate change
Fight against statelessness and school dropout for refugee children
Access to girls' education


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